Mission Statement
It's 'people' that matter. -MC Medical

1. MC Medical walks with its customers

It is our mission to provide medical devices that are patient-friendly (noninvasive, minimally invasive, and safe) and user-friendly (effective and operative) to aid people to access to the highest possible level of healthcare.

2. MC Medical anticipates industry trends

We will distinguish ourselves as a leader in responding to the emerging healthcare needs, such as enhancing people’s QOL and coping with the changes of tomorrow’s healthcare system.

3. MC Medical serves for the society

We will contribute to the improvement of healthcare in Japan through introduction of advanced medical technologies from around the world by utilizing our international network.

4. MC Medical provides extensive solution

We are committed to offering a single-source comprehensive solution to serve our customers’ needs, working hand in hand with other MC Healthcare Group companies.

MCMEDICAL The cyan color in our corporate logo symbolizes youthfulness,momentum, and cleanliness.