Mission Statement

It's 'people' that matters.   - MC Medical
1. MC Medical's "Human-Friendly" Medical Supplies
Our goal is to supply medical devices that are patient-friendly (noninvasive, minimally invasive, and safe) and user-friendly (medical devices with excellent operability and effectiveness), ultimately contributing to the realm of health and medicine.

2. MC Medical's Quick Responses to Real-Time Needs
We foresee future needs, such as responses to the changes in the health-care system, or the growing concern towards the concept of Quality Of Life (QOL), and act in advance.

3. MC Medical's Introduction of Advanced Medical Technology to Japan
By utilizing our international network to its fullest extent, we are continuing to introduce advanced medical technologies from all around the world to Japan.
We are and will continue to contribute to the improvement of Japan's medical and healthcare systems.

4. MC Medical's Strengths: Utilizing Our Powers as a Whole
We will strive to provide our customers with thorough solutions by utilizing our strengths as a member of MC Healthcare Group, through our network, and all other group companies.

"The blue oval shape positioned in the center of our corporate logo symbolizes youthfulness, speed, and cleanliness."
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